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Intro to Physical Education - 9th Grade Course syllabus

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​Welcome to online learning! Thank you for choosing to continue your pursuit of health and wellness during the extended school closure. Our goal is to provide resources for you to continue to gain knowledge and skills that will support your lifelong fitness goals. Per CNUSD, all distance learning assignments will be able to increase your final grade and not reduce it. Please reach out to your individual teachers via their contact information listed below to receive instructions for your individual classes.


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Mrs. Dupas:
Mr. Giles:
Mr. Herring:
Mrs. Hill:
Mr. Lance:
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 ​​Digital Classrooms:

Mr. Campbell: email him directly:
  • Look at your current 3rd quarter grade. If you are not satisfied with your 3rd quarter grade you will need to complete a Make-up Sheet (listed above) for every tardy, absence, or non-suit day to raise your grade. 
  • For example: You got an 8/10 on 1 week, you would complete 2 Make-up sheets for a 10/10 for 100% that week. Figure out how many reports you need to do to raise your grade and submit them to me.
  • Email reports directly to me as an attachment.
  • Reports will be evaluated after 8:00 am the following day they are submitted and grades will be updated once a week.
  • Stay safe and get 30-60 min of physical activity DAILY
Mr. Lance's youtube workouts
Mr. Lance: Join Google Classroom
Period 1: 7g5ofkl
Period 2: qhxcast
Period 3: u5wtfej
Period 4: geo5u3
Period 5: iizk57m

​Mrs. Dupas: Join Google Classroom
Period 3: fs5kxcd
Period 5: chy4mih

Mr. Herring: Join Google classroom
Period 0: n56rzal
Period 2: c3abtlt

Mrs. Hill: Join Google Classroom
All Periods: dze22ow

Mr. Giles: Join Google Classroom
All Periods: dnu4ya7

Mrs. Nielsen: Join Google Classroom
All Periods: ujapcf2



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