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AP Physics 1 Summer Work – REQUIRED

During the summer you will have to do some math and graphing review assignments. The assignments will help keep the skills fresh in your memory. They should not cover material that is new to you, with the exception of the graphing exercise. All can be found on my website (link listed below) under the AP Physics 1 tab and assignments.  

Summer work checklist

  • It is highly recommended, though not required, that you purchase an AP Physics Review book before the year begins.
  • Develop your Science Fair Project Proposal – it does not have to be physics related, but this is recommended. Resources are available on my class   website.
  • Sign up for your summer UTex Quest HW by going to and using the unique code: ap1cehs. Complete HW 1
  • You will need two composition notebooks for the year. I recommend that you buy them during the Back-to-School sales. Bring the first notebook the first day of class.
  • Additional HW may be added. If so, a message will be sent out via Remind (see instructions below)

Sign up for Remind, an instant text messaging program, so you can receive class updates throughout the summer. Regular text messaging fees apply. If this is a problem, you can also sign up via email. (Just make sure to check it regularly). Here are the steps:

  • To receive messages via text, text @ap120182 to 81010