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Incoming 9th Grade (Current 8th Grade)

class of 2027
Step 1: Think about your High School Goals

 As we dive in, we want you to think about how you want your high school experience to go. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What career do you see yourself in?
  • Do you know the education needed for this career?
  • Do you want or need to step up your academic game?
  • If school has been a struggle, how can you change that?

It is important that you are aware of what is required of you - both for high school graduation and for postsecondary goals. We have created a High School Graduation/A-G Requirement Checklist for you to use.

The College & Career Indicators Pathways Chart shows you different paths you can take towards being prepared for life after graduation.

All this information will let YOU make the decision come senior year on what is the best post-secondary plan for you.

Step 2: Consider Your Options

Centennial High School has a six-period day, which means you will have six slots for classes. For Freshman, the following classes are pre-assigned to start: Language Arts 1, Biology, Introduction to PE & Math

For your Math placement, it will depend on your current Math class and grade. Please use the Math Placement Guide below for questions. 

The last two classes are for electives. The availability of electives varies and your school counselor may pre-select the options as their recommendation. We want you to be aware of the options, but understand they may vary based on class size, teacher availability and how you are doing academically. To help you, we have created two great resources: an Incoming Freshman Course Guide & an Online Course Catalog.

Step 3: Explore Your Resources

In an effort to be proactive, we want you to explore your resources - including California Colleges website. This is a website that can help you explore careers, search colleges, plan your future coursework, and create a four-year plan. It also syncs with your transcript, so once you complete a course it will display your grade, let you know if you are on track to meet A-G college entrance requirements or if you need to repeat a class. 

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