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AVID Tutors

AVID Tutors

Montserrat Alonso

Attends Norco Community College
Major:Computer Science
Career Goal:Work for the Government
Favorite Subject:Math
Why AVID? AVID guides students on the right path to a 4-year college with the help of teachers, tutors, and their classmates. I'm glad to be a part of AVID to help students be on the right path and know what's expected of them in college.

Aryn Arzu

Aryn  Attends California State University, Fullerton
Major: Child and Adolescent Studies
Career Goal: Speech Pathologist
Favorite Subject: Psychology
Why AVID? What I liked about AVID is not only did I get the help I needed in my classes, but I also received help when applying for colleges and scholarships. There was a lot of information I had no idea about when looking at different schools and what they have to offer, but AVID helped me get through the process. I became an AVID tutor because I wanted to help students be successful with their high school career, and to provide them with the same help I received.


Saira Cabrera-Gonzalez

Attends California State University, San Bernardino
Major: Liberal Studies, Integrated Track
Career Goal: Elementary Teacher
Favorite Subject: Math 
Why AVID? AVID helped me in preparing me for college and by helping me look for scholarships to pay tuition. I am an AVID tutor to gain more experience with students to see if teaching is really what I want to do.

Christian Fong

 Christian Graduated from University of California, Irvine in 2019
Major: Psychology and Social Behavior
Career Goal: Teacher
Favorite Subject: Science and History
Why AVID? I’m an AVID Tutor because I enjoy teaching and helping students. Although I was never in AVID, I believe in the benefits of the program. It prepares students for college, teaches collaboration, and provides strategies for solving complex problems.

Brian Khuu

Attends Cal Poly Pomona
Major: Computer Engineering
Career Goal: Computer Technician
Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Why AVID? AVID is a very helpful resource for getting started with college and knowing what to expect. I want to help students avoid struggles that I faced when going to college so they can be better off.

Jaselyn Nieves

 Jaselyn Attends California State University, Fullerton
Major: Biology
Career Goal: Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Favorite Subject: Science
Why AVID?  When I was in AVID, the tutors always found a way to help me even if they didn’t take my class when they were in high school. I was always appreciative of their willingness to help and how approachable they were. I became a tutor because I want to give students the help I had the opportunity of having.

Alexa Suarez Valdovinos

Attends Riverside City College
Major: Psychology
Career Goal: Immigration Prosecutor
Favorite Subject: Math
Why AVID?  What I love about AVID is that it is a program the provides insight and outlooks career wise as well as school wise. I became an AVID tutor because I was an AVID student when I was in high school. It allowed me to have a class to do some soul searching as to what exactly I want to do after I graduated.

Noemi Torres

Noemi  Attends California State University, Fullerton
Major: Kinesiology
Career Goal:Physical Therapist
Favorite Subject:Math 
Why AVID? Being an AVID tutor helps me maintain my organization skills and come to an understanding on what I need to do when it comes to college. I keep myself at a standard where if I expect my students to maintain being organized, then I should maintain it as well. Also, helping students understand and be a guide for them whenever they need an adult there, or simply someone to talk to brings me joy.

Haley Tynan

Attends Norco Community College
Major: Kinesiology with a minor in Child Development
Career Goal: Rehabilitation for children with disabilities
Favorite Subject: History
Why AVID? I love AVID because I enjoy hearing kids say "I passed my test because of you!" It makes me happy. AVID helped me personally get the extra help I needed in certain subjects and get on track for college. 



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