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IB Physics Summer Work - REQUIRED

*You should be enrolled in IB physics only if you: 1) completed AP 1 last year and 2) you are taking the IB exam for physics in May.

During the summer you will start Topic 1 of the IB curriculum and prepare for your Internal Assessment. A quiz on what is covered in Topic 1 this summer and Topic 2 (Mechanics) will be given the first Friday of the school year.

Summer Work Checklist
Purchase IB Physics Study Guide: 2014 edition: Oxford IB Diploma Program Paperback – October 29, 2014| ISBN-10: 0198393555 | ISBN-13: 978-0198393559. Available from Amazon.com for $38.00 or check out the 1st edition from the Centennial Media Center (Note: There have been SIGNIFICANT changes to the IB test so the 2014 edition is better). This will also be available at the IB Barnes and Noble Fundraiser.

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        Topic 1 Part 1 PPT – Watch the presentation by 8/17

        Quest Summer work #1 due 8/17

        Review Topic 2 Material (Mechanics) using your textbook or study guide and complete Quest Summer work #2 due 8/17

        Internal Assessment (IA) Proposal Form and copy of 5 sources due 8/17

Quest Assignments
If you have ever had a class that used Utex before, you already have a UT EID. Do not make another one. Go to Quest https://quest.cns.utexas.edu/student and sign in using your old login and password.

You will need a course number in order to sign up. The AP class and IB class have different course numbers. In order to get access to the course number, you will need to solve the following problems. Once you sign up you will find the courses under the Summer 2018 tab.

Course number for IB Physics Summer (This should take you some time to complete. It serves as a review and to help you learn significant figures.)

a) An object has a weight of 480.2 N on Earth. The moon has 1/6th the gravity of the Earth. What is her mass on the moon? Give the answer in kilograms and round to one sig fig.

b) In IB physics we use the speed of light a lot. The speed of light in a vacuum is 3 x 108 m/s. The radius of the Earth is 6371 km. How many times can light travel around the Earth is one second. Round your answer down to the nearest whole number.

c) The air conditioner repairman told me my A/C unit was rated at 19 A of current. If it is connected to a 240 Volt circuit, how much energy will it use if Mrs. Lum runs it for 3 hours. Give then answer in mega joules and round to two sig figs.

d) An object has a weight of 3.5 N in air and 2.2 N when fully submerged in water ( . Find the density of the object and round to three sig figs.

e) The net torque on a wheel is 4 Nm and the moment of inertia of the wheel is 10 kg m2. The wheel began at rest and spins for 2 minutes. How many complete revolutions did the wheel complete in this time?

f) Add your answers from parts a, b, c, d, and e. This is the unique course number. Now sign up for Quest.

Sign up for Remind, an instant text messaging program, so you can receive class updates throughout the summer. Regular text messaging fees apply. If this is a problem, you can also sign up via email. (Just make sure to check it regularly). Here are the steps:

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