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Parent Connect


ParentConnection is a web-based application that allows parents to access read-only information about their students. The only information a parent can edit is their password, email address and subscription alerts. WHAT STUDENT INFORMATION IS ACCESSIBLE TO PARENTS?

The following information will appear to parents through the parent portal:

Attendance Detail Information
Class Assignment Information*
Contacts Information
GPA Information**
Report Card Marks/Progress Report Marks
Schedule Information
Student Demographic Information
Testing Information
Transcript Information

* = Teachers have the ability share or not share the information in this module
** = Secondary Only


The information shared with parents through the parent portal is information already visible within the student information system. Attendance, Contacts, Demographics, Schedules, Marks, Transcripts, Testing, GPA, are eight items that are already visible to parents without any additional effort from the teacher. The only other items visible are assignments and class news, both of which the teacher controls whether or not to share. WHO CAN HAVE ACCESS TO STUDENT DATA IN PARENTCONNECTION?

Any contact person on the enrollment form can request a ParentConnection account. ParentConnection allows multiple siblings to share a common contact. Using this technique, you can create one account for a parent that will allow them to access information about all of their students at multiple school sites.

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