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School Code: 050676

Vision Statement:

Centennial High School’s comprehensive school counseling program supports the development of students to become assertive global citizens. Centennial graduates will strive to reach their full potential and realize the importance of being responsible citizens who accept challenges, overcome obstacles, and work toward leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation. Centennial graduates will be life-long learners who eager to pursue knowledge, develop skills, and participate in a constant cycle of evolution that continually helps them become productive members of society with a global mindset and a personal drive for success.

The School Counseling Team believes:

  1. All students are to be encouraged to make learning a lifetime duty.
  2. All students can achieve and deserve an academic setting that supports all learning styles and specializes in differentiated methods of teaching.
  3. Students have the right to equitable academic, post-secondary, and personal/social school counseling services within the school counseling program.

The School Counseling Team will:

  1. Always put students first.
  2. Work together to develop, implement, review and adjust program goals to strive for always improving student services and contributing to student achievement so that students are able to academically succeed and plan properly for their post-secondary ambitions.
  3. Focus on offering program curriculum that are assessed with pre/post-tests, perception surveys, and process data to help monitor the effectiveness of program delivery.
  4. Be a data driven department that adjusts its services based on the needs of all stakeholders and the continual improvement of Counseling Services.

As professional School Counselors, the Centennial Counseling Team:

  1. Advocates for all students equally.
  2. All hold a valid PPS credential and a Master’s Degree.
  3. Work toward continually try to professionally grow by attending conferences and professional development annually.

School Counseling Mission Statement:

The Centennial High School Counseling Department’s mission is to make students our highest priority as they work to develop skills and acquire knowledge. Centennial High School counselors believe that all students are entitled to a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that encourages academic success, social emotional growth and fosters a global mindset where students are able to develop a plan of pursuit for their post-secondary college and career aspirations with the skills necessary to operate in the 21st century. The school counseling team operates a highly effective data driven comprehensive counseling program that works to set goals and include all students in a four-year planning process, which addresses rigorous goals in academics, post-secondary planning, and personal/social development. As school counselors, we believe that it is our duty to treat every student with respect and dignity, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation or educational needs. The school counseling team works with all stakeholders to inform, empower, and encourage students to pursue their post-secondary college and career aspirations. School counselors will always advocate for Centennial students to become productive global citizens who are adaptable to an ever-changing society throughout their high school career and beyond.


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